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The CoderDojo Charter is simple:

  • We commit to inspiring and supporting young people to learn how to create technology

  • We commit to always uphold the best interests of the young people attending our Dojo and ensuring best-practices are followed

  • We commit to the highest possible standards of child protection in our jurisdiction

  • We commit to not charging children attending nor their parents

  • We commit to encourage parent participation within our Dojo

  • We commit to sharing our knowledge for free (libre and open)

  • We commit to share our knowledge within our Dojo and to other Dojos

  • We commit to take care and uphold the good name of the global CoderDojo community

  • We commit to encouraging collaboration, peer to peer mentoring and project work between the attendees

  • We commit to welcoming volunteers and children regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, religion or ability.


The international CoderDojo movement, founded in 2011 by Irish teen James Whelton, has grown to over 2100 Dojos spread across 111 countries as of January 2019.  West Sound CoderDojo, an initiative of West Sound Technology Association, is a proud member of that movement and launched its first class on May 2, 2015. Each dojo operates independently and autonomously in its local community.

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