Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

What is the challenge?

Can you code an Amazon Hercules robot to deliver your friend’s birthday present on time? In this free, three-hour virtual learning experience students learn the basics of computer science while uncovering the miraculous ways goods are delivered at Amazon.

Sign up for one or all three sessions and join us!

We will have a teacher/coach account with Amazon where we can set up classes in the platform and create a class code.

1. Register for our Zoom session on Eventbrite here
2. In the confirmation you will receive a link to signup for our class at CoderZ. You will need to create a personalized account at CoderZ, which when using the class link is connected to our teacher account and we can follow your progress. You can get a head start and sign up for our CoderZ class right away by clicking this link.
3. The CoderZ account is free to use, but if you are under 13 you will need to confirm permission with your parent or guardian.
4. Once you sign up and log in, a welcome video plays and the challenge begins. You can follow along with us later or jump ahead and do as much or as little as you want. In our first Zoom, we will cover getting started and beginning missions.  
5. We encourage you to explore, be cool, and have fun at the same time!  

Check out the video below!